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Plumbing Inspection Information

When is it time to have a plumbing inspection?     
Our expert plumber recommends that you have a plumbing inspection and preventative maintenance once every 3-4 years. If you are purchasing a new house or place of business, it is advised to have an inspection performed before purchase. 

What is a plumbing inspection?
A plumbing inspection is a complete examination of all plumbing framework and fixtures in a home or place of business. This is inspection is completed by our licensed and experienced Master Plumber John Mendoza. Our inspections normally cover all plumbing fixtures, pipes, water and sewer lines, all drainage and all waste systems. 

Why is a plumbing inspection important?
Plumbing inspections and regular check ups are important because they will keep systems running smoothly and help avoid costly emergencies that would arise without proper and periodic inspections by a master plumber. 

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