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Never flush Wipes!

In our experience, wipes are a regular cause of backed up toilets and clogged sewer lines.
Because wipes do no dissolve quickly like regular toilet paper, they will accumulate in pipe line over time and eventually cause the line to back up. 

What to do with wipes that are labeled "flushable"?
DO NOT FLUSH down toilet. Yes, they may be labeled flushable but they DO NOT biodegrade fast enough to avoid clogging a line. 

What is our recommendation?
Our Master Plumber encourages us to always dispose of used wipes in trash can.

Plumbing Inspection Information

When is it time to have a plumbing inspection?     
Our expert plumber recommends that you have a plumbing inspection and preventative maintenance once every 3-4 years. If you are purchasing a new house or place of business, it is advised to have an inspection performed before purchase. 

What is a plumbing inspection?
A plumbing inspection is a complete examination of all plumbing framework and fixtures in a home or place of business. This is inspection is completed by our licensed and experienced Master Plumber John Mendoza.

When is it best to hire a plumber?

"Knowing when to hire a plumber can save money in the long run. Hire a plumber when the problem is extensive and requires expertise to pin down, and when there’s a higher risk of doing more damage than good.
When the following situations arise, it’s best to call a licensed professional plumber." 

Click the link below to see when it's best to give Texas Plumbing Pros a call. 

Sewer Camera/ Video Inspection

Hello friends,

We have some exciting news to share!
We now have a brand new, ready to use Sewer Camera.

Sewer Cameras are an essential tool in our business. These fiber optic cameras help us inspect sewer lines and other piping located underground. They are designed to make it easy for us to inspect areas that are normally hard to reach and help us determine the condition of the pipe.This helps eliminate guess work and cuts down on costs. Sewer Cameras not only help us clear the line but also reveals the barrier that is preventing the line to drain properly, dips in the line or sources of leak.

Texas Plumbing Pros

Hi friends,

We at Texas Plumbing Pros want to bring up an issue we have been finding with yard leaks due to increase water pressure which can be an expensive repair if not taken seriously and repaired, I have looked up some info on ways you can check what your water pressure number should be at and have attached a link to SAWs that will tell you what can be done to prevent existing or future problems. We can go out to your home and check the PSI for you for a fee of $30.00 and let you know what the pressure is and what we can do to lower it.


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